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Minky Moos Children’s Entertainment is so excited and delighted that Princess Anna has arrived finally from Arundelle to join the Frozen family and make all you little Frozen fans happy. To book Minky Moos amazing Frozen Parties please call Victoria on 07811-883276

Minky Moos Frozen Parties

August 21st, 2014

Minky Moos Children’s Entertainment is delighted to welcome Princess Anna into the Frozen family. Princess Anna has arrived all the way from Arundelle to be with Queen Elsa to make all you little Frozen fans dreams come true with Minky Moos amazing Frozen parties!! To book your amazing Frozen party please call Victoria on the…

Norland Nanny Qualified Penny Unwin and her professional Minky Moos Children’s Entertainment prides itself on a varied range of wonderful, quality children’s parties. Minky Moos has a wide selection of children’s parties for ages from 1- 13 yrs old. We perform amazing Lights, Music, Action, Sensory Parties for 1 yr olds as well as our…