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Minky Moos Sweet Dreams Bedtime Knocks

January 23rd, 2020

Hello my lovely families! I’ve been thinking of how Minky Moos could help children who have troubles with bedtime and sleep routines,  and as a result, I’ve come up with a new concept to help! ‘Minky Moos Sweet Dreams’ Princess/Fairy or Superhero visit & Bedtime Knocks!

This new idea can help you establish a fantastic bedtime routine for your little ones, therefore making bedtime a dream for you too! We can settle your children by providing their favourite characters to come and comfort them, and also encourage structure in their evenings. This is a fantastic way to create incentives and also give your children sweet dreams with our magical wishes.

Available Monday – Friday.

Princess and Superhero 1 hour visit to your home to include:

  • A special surprise knock at the door from child’s favourite Princess, Superhero or Fairy.
  • Magic Wishes
  • Relaxing Singing
  • Photographs
  • Bedtime Story
  • Star Chart with stickers that can be given for a good nights sleep and going to bed on time.
  • Talking about the importance of sleep in a fun and engaging way
  • Giving the child magic hearts of love to put under their pillow to dream of their favourite princess/superhero.
  • Second gift given upon return visits as incentives after every week of successful bedtime routine.
  • Parents having a recorded video message from your Princess or Superhero of encouragement and praise to show child.

Follow up visits are also available at a discounted rate if required.
Cost £100 for a hour with a follow up visit of £50 a hour if required.

We have a whole range of characters available for you to choose from, just click here to see our selection!

There are so many ways to help transform your children’s evenings from being unsettled and difficult, to an exciting and magical time for the whole family. We certainly can’t wait to help make your little one’s dreams come true, and send them to sleep in a peaceful and relaxed environment.

Please call the owner Mrs Moo Penny on 07811-883276 for more information on our Minky Moos Sweet Dreams bedtime knocks!