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Have a new baby? Why not try one of our sensory classes in either Westbourne or Southbourne?

July 9th, 2012

Minky Moos sensory experience offers opportunities to interact and build positive relationships with your baby, it promotes self esteem and builds confidence in parents and enables babies to experience new skills, learn songs, meet other babies and engage in an action packed fun session to stimulate the senses. Providing a rich early language environment and opportunities to explore and experiment with sensory resources; this session promotes the well being of babies and mums, the ultimate sensory experience! The session has good structure with a welcome song, music and sounds, action songs, sensory scarves and introduction to rhythm, bubbles and dance provide opportunity for everyone to be included, and the wind down chill out light show provides a good ending to the session.

Links to the EYFS

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Making relationships

 Positive Relationships: Engage in playful interactions that encourage young babies to respond to, or mimic, adults.

Enabling Environments: Plan to have one-to-one time to interact with young babies when they are in an alert and responsive state and willing to engage.

Play name games to welcome children to the setting and help them get to know each other and the staff.

Ensure there are opportunities for the child to play alongside others and play cooperative games with a familiar adult.

Provide matching items to encourage adult and child to mimic each other in a cooperative game. e.g. two identical musical instruments.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Self-confidence and self-awareness

 Positive Relationships: Show your pleasure in being with the baby.

Say or sing made-up rhymes or songs while stroking or pointing to the babies’ hands, feet or cheeks.

Enabling Environments: Devote uninterrupted time to babies when you can play with them when they are ready to engage. Be attentive and fully focused.

Allows enough space for babies to move, roll, stretch and explore.

Communication and Language: Listening and attention

 Positive Relationships: Being physically close, making eye contact, using touch or voice all provide ideal opportunities for early conversations between adults and babies, and between one baby and another.

Encourage playfulness, turn-taking and responses, including peek-a-boo and rhymes.

Use a lively voice, with ups and downs to help babies tune in.

Sing songs and rhymes during everyday routines.

Enabling Environments: Plan times when you can sing with young babies, encouraging them to join in.

Create an environment which invites responses from babies and adults, for example, touching, smiling, smelling, feeling, listening, exploring, describing and sharing

Communication and Language: Understanding

 Enabling Environments: When you use nursery rhymes, help children understand the words by using actions as well.

Physical Development: Moving and Handling

 Positive Relationships: Help babies to become aware of their own bodies through touch and movement, e.g. clapping the baby’s hands together, gently shaking baby’s foot.

Engage babies in varied physical experiences, such as bouncing, rolling, rocking and splashing, both indoors and outdoors.

Encourage babies to use resources they can grasp, squeeze and throw.

Enabling Environments: Provide objects to be sucked, pulled, squeezed and held, to encourage the development of fine motor skills.

Provide novelty in the environment that encourages babies to use all of their senses and move indoors and outdoors.

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