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Baby Goes Ballroom

Minky Moos presents Baby Goes Ballroom!

***Please Note*** All Baby Goes Ballroom events are suspended due to COVID-19 until further notice. We will be posting updates when things begin to return to normal. Thank you for your continued support and patience during this time.

What is Baby Goes Ballroom?

Join us for our Baby Goes Ballroom events at the Picadilly ballroom! We host events for occasions such as Christmas, Valentines, Half terms, Easter, and Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and many more! Our events range from being character themed, to Sensory, to Discos. These events usually take place monthly, but be sure to check out our Minky Moos News page for the latest upcoming events!

Where is it?

This concept takes place at the Picadilly Ballroom, 23 Bath Road, BH1 2NN. The Ballroom is a fantastic size, allowing us to provide a large amount of tickets for each event, it is used by professional dancers, and also has disco balls across the ceiling.

Past Events:

Previously, we have hosted events such as Christmas Sensory parties with Father Christmas, Greatest Showman Half term events, Cinderella and Tinkerbell Meet and Greets, and several more. Please see the photos below for an insight into these incredible events!

Upcoming Events:

There are no current upcoming events taking place at the Picadilly Ballroom. Check out our Moos News and Social Medias for  updates!